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Learn, be Confident and Empowered with Skills and Knowledge to have an Easier and Faster Labour and Birth Experience, feeling prepared ahead to bring your baby home.

Our experienced doulas works closely as your birth team to support you and your partner for  an empowering experience.

We support both Hospital Birth and Homebirth.

Natural and drug-free labour pain relief, perfect for supporting homebirth, and suitable for any settings including hospital. UK leading Babycare TENS, Elle TENS range.

Build to the comfort of the mothers and support the work of childbirth providers, Rent from 36 weeks of gestation, complete with disposable tub liner and supplies.

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We value the feedbacks and reviews from our clients as we continue to strike to do our best on serving the greatest good to our clients.

Iza Ackbari
Iza Ackbari
I can't speak highly enough of Doula Ren Chiew Gin. She's been an incredible source of support for both of my childbirth experiences. During my first birth, Gin stood by my side, helping me achieve my birthing goals. She prevented an unnecessary episiotomy and ensured a peaceful, natural birth. Beyond the birth, Gin's support continued. She motivated me and offered guidance when my firstborn faced jaundice and breastfeeding challenges. Her patience and recommendations for suitable doctors were invaluable. When my second pregnancy arrived, there was no question—I reached out to Gin again. She assured me throughout the journey and provided essential advice for choosing the right doctor. Gin's expertise and genuine care for mothers make her an exceptional doula. I wholeheartedly recommend her to all expectant mothers. With Gin, you're in capable hands, and she'll make your birthing experience extraordinary. Thank you, Gin! ❤️
HM Tan
HM Tan
Chiew Gin was a blessing to have during my labour. Her calm and reassuring presence had helped supported me through the long 16-hour labour without epidural. I underwent a C-section delivery for my first child, and was advised to do the same for my second. I strongly believe that a safe VBAC is possible and read up extensively. That was still inadequate to prepare me for the long labour. In the midst of the pain (it was a full 16 hours of pain, no gradual increase, just full force) I was so tempted to just give up and receive whatever medical intervention to stop the pain. However, Chiew Gin steered me back to my birth plans, which is a natural birth without epidural (a safer way for a successful VBAC) and helped me to manage the labour pain naturally by giving me massage, and getting me back to focus on my breathing. She also helped me to get into suitable birthing positions to allow my baby to be delivered smoothly. She advocated for me in the hospital, allowing me to focus on the delivery process, knowing that my birth plan would be carried out as planned. Having a duola and having Chiew Gin to work with us as a team were the best decision we made for my VBAC journey.
Rui Min Ong
Rui Min Ong
Chiew Gin supported us as a doula through two quite different but ultimately positive birth experiences. She is always responsive, approachable, and informative. For both pregnancies, she helped us to formulate our birth plan and prepare. During labour, she knew just what to do to keep it progressing well, and her presence and encouragement was very reassuring. Post-birth, the home visit was super helpful as she taught me to latch baby well and breastfeed successfully. I recommend her wholeheartedly!
JD Gan
JD Gan
My husband and I did not know much of what to expect before birth as it was our first experience before knowing Chiew Gin. Both our births were very well guided by her. Our entire birth experiences would not have been the same without her presence and reassurance. Prior to birth, we did not know that there were many situations that could be avoided and we had the ownership to decide what type of birth experience and goal we want to achieve. From speaking to our friends afterwards, we found out that we were not the only ones that knew so little. Engaging Chiew Gin, changed all of that. We were able to think through and discuss as a team of our goals and why do they matter to us. The more we focus on achieving the births we wanted, the better we were at managing pain and unexpected events. Through these experiences, we are now able to encourage and inspire our friends and loved ones. We are very blessed to be able to share these life-changing experiences and empower others with our testimonials. Thank you Chiew Gin!
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